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Military/Law Enforcement

We Protect the Assets that Matter Most

FINAO Coastal Group provides training programs that cover all levels of combat training, from foundational competencies through battle-proven tactics and training to train the training programs.

Our curricula utilize unmatched real-world experiences to continually maintain currency to ensure students are receiving leading-edge strategies and tactics whatever environment they are operating in.

With a large number of set curriculums and the ability to create custom training courses based on the clients' needs and standard operating procedures.

Close Quarters Battle

Using advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures in building clearance used by elite special operations forces. Our complete spectrum CQB programs feature an unmatched cadre of former tier-one operators. 

Combat Shooting

The FINAO combat shooting system, an elite level marksmanship training program developed to provide a precise template of transferable skills that are universal for any pistol, carbine or shotgun.

Active Threat Response

Our Active Shooter Response Protocol is a sound step-by-step plan to handle an active shooter situation. Our protocol is created for individuals and corporate entities to better plan for, and act decisively, during an active shooter situation.

Other Areas of Instructions​

  • Sniper Skills & Shooting

  • Instructor Training

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