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We Protect the Assets that Matter Most

At FINAO Coastal Group, we understand the growing concerns that our clients have stemming from increasing hostilities around the world. We provide a collaborative approach and expertise in risk mitigation, program management, and process improvement to help alleviate concerns and provide peace of mind.

Crisis Management

FINAO Coastal Groups unparalleled network of experienced operators provide its clients with the edge they need to anticipate and respond to evolving threats. With its depth and breadth of intelligence, law enforcement, and tier one military expertise, FINAO Coastal Group also offers ongoing crisis management advisory services.


Here at FINAO Coastal Group, we believe that a client’s ability to build secure business practices leans on a foundation of employee training and commitment, FINAO Coastal Group offers custom tailored training sessions presented in person that far surpass the effectiveness of off-the-shelf online courses. Training covers cybersecurity, travel, physical risks, reputational risk, and health and human performance best practices.

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